Miren las consecuencias que puede traer escuchar AFI un domingo en la noche.

You were as cute as I saw you
Every time I got my back hurt
Into these eyes you cannot find
Any hope living, I realized
If I bite your eyes, you’ll run away
I’ll drink your tears, you’ll understand
Asphyxiate on my last breath
Don’t get me, come save me
Come back again to find my ending
To cause my pride, to share your selfishness
Don’t try to get closer, I can be danger
You’ll see me walk away
You’ll see me while I disappear
Trying to chase
Look into my lungs, my guts
There’s a fetus wishing misery
Seed of life, poisoning lips
You’ll get me drunk until I fall
Asleep among the clouds of hell
The blames of heaven
Praying for glory, absolution
I cry your liqueur
My veins running so fast
My nerves don’t feel it
My brains implode
Laughing out loud with no respect
A bunch of roses lying on your bed
My pillow dreams you every night
I cannot reach your glowing light
I’d write and recitate
A song, a poem, intimidate
Your son and daughter will ever wait
A song for my dear, with blushing fear
With no escape
Standing in front of
Waiting for a kiss
No more complaining, you can’t hate them
Running, making me insane
That’s what I do for a living
No pay, no rewards
Smoking venom on the stage
As you stare
Screaming softly, making me sick
How could you love me
If there was no heart.
What are you trying to say
Why can’t you make me believe
In pain through path of love
On the train upon the clouds
That brings me sun of loneliness
That greets you saying “how good is eden”
Calling, burning
Moon brights, breaks the dark
In the cute, romantic game
Of naïve and expecting bodies
I can’t wait for you to hug me
Protection, salvation
Not in time for your reflection
No more time to apologize
Make you deaf until you cry
Blood on floor, spit on wall
Sweat on ceiling, are you feeling
Isolation, inspiration
Run my tears to the graves
Of many corpses I have seen
Where have I been
To know you this
Much, much to take and
Much to deal with
Call Thou, God
Thou will not listen
Haven’t ever even seeing
I got you in my pocket
No one at home to notice
That you not there, you vanished
That wouldn’t help you, laughter
Cleaning, two millions
Of diamonds covering her tomb
Flowers soon will come to bloom
Exploration, concentration
Knives and forks wait for the meat
Not today, there is no meal.